Sunday, November 29, 2009

UFOS Up Close And Personal

Most people wonder what UFOs look like. Most footage covers exceptional footage that often confuses people. In reality a UFO is much like an organism in how it utilizes basic energies in fundamentally powerful ways. These UFOs can go anywhere in a split second and it all comes down to how they are made and their relation to the UFO pilots. In this video I take us in for a close up look at an amazing UFO.


The Real Flying Saucers

Many people relate flying saucers to poorly reverse engineer flying machines that people have made. In reality flying saucers or the classic UFOs as we like to call them are actually part of a transformer energy complex. The spiritual and physical plains that the amazing flying saucer operates on are very evident in this video.


The Energy A UFO Uses To Travel With

There is a strong force that exists in everything and even nothing. This force can be manipulated by dark science and the art of conscious and its ability to move objects. With the marriage of the mind and the power of technology the UFO was born. Now we live in a universe and galaxy full of flying machines that we still do not fully understand.


UFOs And Symbolism

Many UFOS are operated by people, things and spirits that use symbolism. What symbolism do you see in this brief ufo video that I shot?


The Aggregate Of The UFOs Energy Is A Ball

Take slow developing digital imaging of an energy based UFO and you will get a perfect circle. It makes me almost think that those who invented UFOs also invented planets and moon. Who knows maybe earth is just a UFO!


UFO Blink And Pulse

Many of these space craft are operated by the mind. To achieve space travel in an existence where one would need more energy than exists dark science and energy are absolutely essential. In this video I capture a UFO soaking in energy and building up its pulses until it gets strong. At that point it would fly away really fast.


UFO Force Field

To keep the space travelers safe UFOs are equipped with force fields. I capture this amazing feature in this video.


UFO Vortex

Contrary to popular belief ufos are actually energy operating independently of this dimension. Because of that they can transform in to many things, fly fast and do the unthinkable. In this amazing footage we see a ufo turn into an energy tornado and even look like a person.


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